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Lesson 7 - How kai makes me feel

What and how much we eat affects the way our bodies function and feel. Encourage your ākonga to identify levels of fullness and then create emojis in relation to how different kai make them feel.

In this lesson, ākonga start to understand how their feelings are affected by what, how much and when they eat. 

Learning outcome 

Ākonga can identify: 

  • levels of fullness when eating 
  • how different kai (food) and the amount of it affects their mood 
  • words to describe their feelings. 

New Zealand Curriculum links

Health and Physical Education – Level 2

Personal health and physical development. 

  • Personal growth and development - Describe their stages of growth and their development needs and demonstrate increasing responsibility for self-care. 

Relationships with other people. 

  • Identity, sensitivity, and respect - Describe how individuals and groups share characteristics and are also unique. 
  • Interpersonal skills - Express their ideas, needs, wants, and feelings appropriately and listen sensitively to other people and affirm them.

English – Level 2

Speaking, writing and presenting. 

  • Ideas - Indicators: forms and expresses ideas and information with reasonable clarity, often drawing on personal experience and knowledge.

Science – Level 1 and 2

Nature of science. 

  • Investigating in science - Extend their experiences and personal explanations of the natural world through exploration, play, asking questions, and discussing simple models.

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