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Lesson 8 - Food processing

A large amount of the kai we eat is processed. Show ākonga how kai from everyday ingredients are changed by processing with the morphing kai activity.

In this lesson, ākonga start to understand how kai – food can be transformed or changed from its natural form. 

Learning outcome 

Ākonga can: 

  • identify how food processing can change the appearance, taste, texture and nutritional value of kai. 
  • critically think about what has been added and/or removed during the manufacturing process of kai 

New Zealand Curriculum links

Health and Physical Education – Level 2

Personal health and physical development. 

  • Personal growth and development - Describe their stages of growth and their development needs and demonstrate increasing responsibility for self-care. 

Science – Level 1 and 2

Nature of science. 

  • Participating and contributing - Explore and act on issues and questions that link their science learning to their daily living.

Material world. 

  • Properties and changes of matter - Observe, describe, and compare physical and chemical properties of common materials and changes. 

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