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Lesson 6 - Te reo Māori food vocabulary

Gather your dictionary detectives to learn the te reo Māori words for different kai. Extend the learning by asking ākonga to find the translations to the kai in a language spoken at home or of interest.

In this lesson ākonga connect key vocabulary from previous lessons with Te reo Māori vocabulary. 

Learning outcomes 

Ākonga become familiar with: 

  • Te reo Māori vocabulary which they can use to describe kai (food). 

New Zealand Curriculum links

Health and Physical Education – Level 2

Relationships with other people. 

  • Identity, sensitivity, and respect - Describe how individuals and groups share characteristics and are also unique.

English – Level 2

Listening reading and viewing. 

  • Language features - Students will: show some understanding of how language features are used for effect within and across texts. Indicators: uses a large and increasing bank of high-frequency, topic-specific, and personal-content words to make meaning.

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