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Lesson 5 - Kai and your body

We can connect different types of kai with helping parts of our body function properly. Learn about the different kai groups with a card sorting activity and then help Sam by pairing the cards to the body parts they support.

In this lesson ākonga will learn about the key nutrients in kai (food) and the role it plays within the body. 

Learning outcome 

Ākonga can link: 

  • kai with growth, development and functions of the body. 
  • kai with four food groups. 

New Zealand Curriculum links

Health and Physical Education – Level 2

Personal health and physical development. 

  • Personal growth and development - Describe their stages of growth and their development needs and demonstrate increasing responsibility for self-care.

Relationships with other people. 

  • Identity, sensitivity, and respect - Describe how individuals and groups share characteristics and are also unique.

English – Level 2

Listening reading and viewing. 

  • Language features - Students will: show some understanding of how language features are used for effect within and across texts. Indicators: uses a large and increasing bank of high-frequency, topic-specific, and personal-content words to make meaning.

Science – Level 1 and 2

Living world. 

  • Life processes - Recognise that all living things have certain requirements so they can stay alive.

Social Science – Level 2

Social studies. 

  • Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to - Understand how people make choices to meet their needs and wants and understand how cultural practices reflect and express people’s customs, traditions, and values.

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