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Giving thanks for life

Bruce Andrews' first encounter with heart disease happened as a teenager.

Bruce is an older man in his fifties. He is making the shape of a heart with his hands.

At age 16 his hard-working, fit, super-dad died suddenly at age 59 of a heart attack. “I was a teenager, heartbroken and had to leave school to help provide for my mum,” he says.

Bruce was later diagnosed with heart disease himself at age 49 - he had Angina and two clogged arteries.

“It just snuck up on me, I was feeling a bit tired and puffed at work. I thought I was just unfit, so worked harder.

“After several GP visits and debates regarding my symptoms, I was sent to hospital for a check-up and was diagnosed, treated and sent home like a new man - I just about danced out of the hospital!”

Bruce is very grateful to the Heart Foundation for the research they undertake and the continued advancements in treatment for heart disease.

“We have a family motto ‘what goes around comes around!’ so in giving thanks for living, I always give a generous donation when asked,” he says.

“I now live a full active life at work, rest, and play, as a husband, dad, grandad and mate.”

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