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Will you boost your career with a nutrition course?

Interested in learning more about the health, culture and nutrition of Pacific people? Our nutrition courses will help you do just that. Delivered throughout the year, they’re engaging, fun and practical.

Study a Pacific nutrition course

Food plays an important role in Pacific culture. We cook it to show our love and eat it to show appreciation.

Some people may think it’s not easy to teach Pacific people about the role food plays in their health. After all, it’s sometimes quantity over quality. Our Pacific nutrition courses are here to help you do just that, whether you’re Pacific or not.

Who are your nutrition courses for?

If you’re interested in improving Pacific health, work with Pacific communities or for an early learning service, church, school or run a community group – we’ve got a course for you. Ready to make a lasting change to the lives of Pacific communities you’re working with? Our courses are exactly what you need.

Why study nutrition?

Having a deeper understanding about nutrition will not only help you, it’ll help your family, school, workplace and whole community. Teaching people about healthy choices will make a real difference in their lives.

Once you learn about the benefits of eating and living well, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. The more knowledge we can share about the simple ways we can improve our lives through food and exercise will make a huge difference.

From living longer to helping people become more productive and even reducing sick days. There are lots of benefits and you’ll feel empowered by the difference you can make.

Pacific nutrition courses

Everyone gets involved in our hands-on approach to learning.

What Pacific nutrition courses do you offer?

We’re glad you asked. We’ve got three courses for you to choose from, including an option for a custom course tailored to you. Depending on what you do, different courses will be suitable.

Already working in the health sector? AUT Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition is ideal for people working in a support or advisory role with Pacific communities. This course is delivered through nine evening classes, once a week over 11 weeks.

Are you a health professional working with Pacific communities? Your workplace may be interested in the Workforce Nutrition Course. This is a hands-on course that is delivered for up to two days and can be tailored to suit your needs. We cover topics from weight control to Pacific cultural engagement.

Are you an individual working with Pacific communities? Whether you’re part of a church or community group, the Pacific Community Nutrition Course is for you. Again, we can tailor the course to suit your needs and it can be delivered over one or two days.

Pacific nutrition course graduates

Graduates of our AUT Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition

What can I expect from the courses?

We’ll learn about food, its relationship with the body and how to make traditional and commonly eaten Pacific food healthier. We’ll talk about heart disease and other illnesses that impact Pacific people and what we can do to change our health.

Best of all, we’ll show you how you, your family and your community can live a healthier life. Oh, and we’ll have fun too!

You’ll gain valuable skills that you’ll be able to use in your work right away. Not only that, but you’ll get ideas on how to use your skills from other members of the class too. Sharing experiences is a great way for us to share what we’ve learnt.

From helping people to make healthy choices, to reading food labels and making meals healthier- there’s lots to learn.

Here are what a few of our past course attendees have said:

“The facilitators for CPN make it a pleasure being in class – first time in my life I have attended all classes for a course, I get bored easily so this attendance shows a lot. This course is fun, interactive and most importantly taught in a format that caters to peoples understanding.” - Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition (CPPN) attendee.

The trainers “enabled group discussions and sharing of ideas. I learned not only from the trainers but from other participants.” They gave us “lots of practical content. Discussions and thinking. Anecdotes – real life examples. Making it real life.” - Workforce nutrition course attendee.

 “Takui and Sue made it so interesting, fun, lively, enjoyable, simplicity and the message on each night is so easy and simple to understand and remember. This makes it different from the other nutrition courses that I have done.” - Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition (CPPN) attendee.

Nutrition course students

High-fives all round!

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Interested in signing up? Check out the nutrition courses we’ve got on offer to find out more information and sign up online.