Bonus prize draws

WIN even more in the 3 bonus draws. There's a brand-new Toyota, $10,000 cash or a $2,000 Prezzy® card – don't miss out on these extra chances to win!

Win a car

Be the envy of your neighbours when you pull up in a brand-new Toyota, if you win the Multi-Buy draw. The model you drive away depends on how many tickets you buy. Just order two or more tickets in the same name in Lottery No. 124 and you’ll be in to win.

Win $10,000 cash

You'll soon be $10,000 richer, if you win the Early-Buy bonus prize. Whether you save your windfall, book a holiday or upgrade your home, the choice of how to use this cash prize will be all yours. 

Just make sure you order your tickets soon – entries close on 31 July. Order today for your chance to win!

Heart Foundation Lottery early-buy bonus prize draw. $10000 windfall.

Win a $2,000 Prezzy® card

If you're an Auto-Buyer in Lottery No. 124, you could be adding a $2,000 Prezzy card to your wallet. Will you spoil yourself with a winter wardrobe make-over or treat a loved one to a weekend getaway? Perhaps an evening out with friends and family or that perfect piece of furniture or artwork you’ve been admiring will be yours? The decision on how to spend this prize will be up to you. 

$2,000 prize includes: 

  • $2,000 in Visa Prezzy cards from 
  • Delivery of cards to any single physical address in New Zealand.
Auto-buy bonus prize draw. Prezzy Card

Auto-Buy enables you to purchase your tickets automatically in every Heart Foundation NZ Lottery. You decide the number of tickets you would like to purchase in ongoing Lotteries. You can also top-up your order with extra tickets in any Lottery.



When you sign up as an Auto-Buyer, your Heart Foundation Lottery tickets are allocated first and automatically sent to you every Lottery, so you never miss out on the chance to win. There are six Heart Foundation NZ Lotteries every year - that's six prize pools worth more than half a million dollars you could be lucky in.



As well the first prize dream home and the second and third prizes, you will automatically be entered into the Early-Buy $10,000 cash Bonus Prize Draw in every Lottery. Plus, to thank you for being a valued regular supporter, you'll be entered into the exclusive Auto-Buy Bonus Draw each Lottery.


There are two ways you can sign up to Auto-Buy.

A. Buy-as-you-go Auto-Buyer

Buy as-you-go Auto-Buyers sign up for ongoing entry into Heart Foundation Lotteries using a credit card or by direct debit. As a Buy-as-you-go Auto-Buyer, you can opt out or cancel at any time by contacting our Lottery customer care team on 0800 750 150 or +64 9 951 5980.

To become a Buy-as-you-go Auto-Buyer, simply call our Lottery team on 0800 750 150 or +64 9 951 5980 or fill out section 3A of the ticket order form.

B. Auto-Buy Subscriber

Auto-Buy Subscribers sign up for a year's worth of Heart Foundation Lotteries, paying in advance by cheque or credit card.

Simply call our Lottery team on 0800 750 150 or +64 9 951 5980 or fill out section 3B of the ticket order form to become an Auto-Buy Subscriber.



As an Auto-Buyer your regular support enables us to plan and commit to life-saving heart health research and other vital, longer-term projects.

Auto-Buyers also help us save on administration costs, so a significantly greater percentage of Auto-Buy Lottery ticket proceeds go straight towards our life-saving work.

Become a valued Auto-Buyer today and always be in to win fantastic prizes while helping to stop heart disease - the single biggest killer of New Zealand men and women. 

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