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Results of the Heart Foundation Lottery No. 136
The winners of the Heart Foundation Lottery no. 135 which were drawn on the 30th June 2022
Lottery 130 Winners. 1st prize ticket 092303. 2nd prize ticket 085709. 3rd prize ticket 105263. multi-buy winner ticket 040712. Auto buy winner ticket 079072. Early buy winner ticket 184538.
Lottery 129 Winners. 1st prize ticket 119094. 2nd prize ticket 131732. 3rd prize ticket 134918. multi-buy winner ticket 177338. Auto buy winner ticket 066626. Early buy winner ticket 152479.
Lottery 128 winners. 1st prize ticket 177084. 2nd prize ticket 054599. 3rd prize ticket 131458. Multi buy ticket 131458. Autobuy ticket 120199. early buy ticket 011200.
Lottery 126 results. 1st prize ticket: 154235. 2nd prize ticket: 046443. 3rd prize ticket: 093623. Multibuy ticket: 148131. Autobuy ticket: 095673. Early buy ticket: 150851
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