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Lottery winners

Congratulations to the hundreds of Heart Foundation New Zealand Lottery supporters who have won dream homes, travel prizes, cash and new cars over the years! We love to experience our winners’ delight, each and every Lottery.

Lottery No. 137 winner, Judi, with Ryan Beattie of Jennian Homes Nelson Bays

A second chance at home ownership after 20 years

Winning the first-prize home in Lottery No. 137 was completely life-changing for Tauranga-based Judi.

“It still seems a bit surreal,” says Judi, recalling the moment she received the winning phone call. “I’ve already been down to visit the house, stayed in it, and loved every part of it.”

Like many of our Lottery supporters, Judi started buying tickets because her family had been affected by heart disease.

“My mother and two sisters have both suffered heart attacks,” says Judi. “Sadly, I lost my mum and one of my sisters. Then my other sister had her most recent attack just this year.”

It’s been over 25 years since Judi started buying her Lottery tickets. As one of our long-standing supporters, she is helping to fund life-saving research, training and education programmes that are very close to her heart.

“I’ve been supporting the Heart Foundation regularly because it’s a good cause, and you never know when you’ll need it – touch wood.”

Judi’s close-knit family mean the world to her, so when she found out she had won the brand-new Jennian home in Nelson, she decided to sell it.

“I live in Tauranga, with two sons living close by,” she says. “And my daughters live in Whakatane and Auckland. So, it’s a bit of a shame. I’d love to pick it up and move it here.”

Still, Judi’s win will allow her to buy a house in her hometown, putting her back onto the property ladder for the first time in over 20 years.

“It’s amazing,” she says. “It’s been over 24 years since my husband died, and I haven’t been a homeowner since a little before then. It’s great to have the security now that I’m older, so I don’t need to rely on renting.”

Judi encourages others to support the Heart Foundation, not just to save Kiwi lives, but to ensure they have the help they need should something happen in the future.

“Buy a ticket. None of us knows if or when we might need heart disease treatment,” she says. “We will all do better if we band together to support the Heart Foundation. Plus, you really do have a chance to win something life-changing.”

Your Lottery support keeps us working

Every Lottery ticket helps to fund vital heart health research, programmes and resources that help save more lives from heart disease - the single biggest killer of Kiwi mums and dads.


Buy tickets

We never know who our lucky first prize home winners will be until the moment the winning number is randomly drawn and we make the magical phone call. Our winners have included people playing in their very first Heart Foundation Lottery, and people who have bought tickets multiple times. Then, there are people like our Lottery No. 136 winners Phil & Shirley, who have supported every Lottery since the very beginning nearly 30 years ago!

It has always been just a contribution to a great cause in our minds,” says Shirley. “We did not expect to ever win such an amazing prize.

Shirley suffered a heart attack herself five years ago, so understands the importance of the work funded by the proceeds of our lotteries. “I know the value of ongoing research into heart disease and how important it is to keep supporting the training of cardiologists,” adds Shirley.

The team from Jennian Homes Far North were there to hand over the keys of the stunning Kerikeri property to Shirley and Phil. Business owners, Darryn and Kirsty Fisher, New Home Consultant, Emma Young and Project Manager, Nick Hamer, are all delighted to have overseen the building of this new home and to know it now belongs to such deserving new owners.

We just love the way the house has been decorated and furnished,” says Phil. “I don’t think it has fully sunk in that we have won a new home.  We are certainly going to continue our support. Thank you to the Heart Foundation and Jennian Homes.

Being an Auto-Buyer, just like Phil and Shirley, means you don’t have to remember to buy tickets when each Lottery opens, and guarantees you will be in every draw. Just select the ‘In each Lottery’ option when ordering your tickets.

The important part is being in to win – just one $15 ticket gives you the chance to be the next lucky winner to meet the local Jennian team and get the keys to a brand-new home.

Living in Auckland, Dan always wondered how he’d take the big step to becoming a homeowner. Little did he know, he was about to win a first-prize, three-bedroom house in Napier!

When Dan received the winning phone call, he couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I thought it was a joke,” he laughs. “I was wracking my brain to think if I’d told any of my mates that I’d bought a ticket, in case they were pranking me.”

“I originally bought tickets in 2021 after I saw a Facebook advert,” says Dan. “I thought ‘It’s for a good cause, so I might as well and that winning something would be a bonus on the side.”

“I never actually believed I’d win the big one! But you know, you have to be in it to win it.”

As Dan’s work requires him to live in Auckland, he decided to put his new home on the market and buy in the big city instead. Nevertheless, he was blown away and incredibly grateful for what his win has allowed him to do.

“A win like this really does change your life,” says Dan. “I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to own a home, so to now be able to – I still can’t comprehend it.”

After his win, Dan encourages anyone to buy a ticket for a chance to have their lives changed, just like his. “You just can’t go wrong. Even if you don’t win, you’re supporting a great cause – so why not?”

Lottery No.134 winner

For Prakash and his family, winning a brand-new, fully-furnished home in Cromwell was nothing short of a blessing. On Friday 6th May, Prakash was in the supermarket carpark loading his groceries into his van when he received the life-changing phone call that he was Lottery No. 134’s first-prize winner!

“I couldn’t believe what they were saying,” he says, recalling the phone call. “I was just stunned. I had to ask for the details to be sent through in writing so that I could be sure it was all real.”

An avid golfer, the home in Cromwell is perfect for him as it’s situated a stone’s throw away from the Cromwell Golf Club. In fact, Prakash loves the game of golf so much that he played eighteen holes immediately after finding out he’d won to clear his head.

“I went home and dropped my groceries off, and I didn’t tell my wife at first,” says Prakash. “I still needed to process what had just happened. So, I called a friend and grabbed my golf clubs.”

When he returned from his game and told his wife, she didn’t believe him. And neither did his solicitor!

“Both of them thought I was being pranked,” he laughs. “So, I had to show them the confirmation email to make them believe it was real.”

Winning a brand-new, fully-furnished home in Cromwell was especially sweet for Prakash and his family, as it comes after some extremely difficult and sad times for them. The family tragically lost their 28-year-old son too soon to cancer and lost their family property in Fiji. “So, winning this property is extra special.”

“This win has brought some smiles to us after a long time,” says Prakash. “And we are overjoyed."

“I bought the Lottery tickets to support this great cause with no expectations of winning. I know that heart disease is New Zealand’s biggest killer and a huge problem in our community, including my own family, so I deeply admire and appreciate the work of the Heart Foundation.”

“I feel extremely grateful and thank my lucky stars for winning the first prize in Lottery No. 134. And I’m so thankful to the Heart Foundation and Jennian Homes – thank you for the opportunity to play a small role in your cause.”

Lottery No.133 winner

Natasha and her husband couldn’t believe they were receiving the call that would change their family’s life forever.

After learning that her ticket number had been drawn as the first-prize winner for Lottery No. 133, Natasha was completely blown away.

“It’s just absolutely surreal,” she says. “Words cannot really describe it.”

She and her husband were at home when she received the winning phone call.

“I just stood there in shock,” Natasha recalls. “I couldn’t even speak. My husband thought it was a call with bad news! And I said, ‘No, I’ve won a house!’”

She and her family are very excited to visit their brand-new, fully-furnished home in Greytown, Wairarapa. With plenty of activities to enjoy in the area, Natasha plans to keep the home as a holiday house and share it with her loved ones.

“Our family overseas that know about it are very excited to come over and stay!” she laughs.

Natasha had started buying Lottery tickets after visiting a Jennian show home.

“I remember a friend’s uncle won a Lottery house years ago when I was in my twenties,” she shares. “So, when I saw the brochure at the Jennian show home, I thought we absolutely needed to buy tickets.”

“The Heart Foundation is a great cause to support, and you have a chance to win an amazing prize – it’s really win-win.”

Lottery No.132 winner

For Shannon and her young family, winning the first-prize, fully-furnished home in Whitianga was a dream come true.

Shannon has always wanted to move her young family to Whitianga. In June 2020, she decided to take a chance in Lottery No. 124, the last time the first-prize Jennian home was located in her ideal hometown, and signed up to be an Auto-Buyer.

Little did she know that taking this chance would help make her dream come true only two years later!

“I was just so overwhelmed, and so excited,” says Shannon, remembering when she received the phone call that would change her life. “It still hasn’t sunk in.”

Being the lucky, first-prize winner of Lottery No. 132 means a brand-new start for Shannon and her children.

“I’ve always wanted to live in Whitianga,” she shares. “It was my dream. I never thought I’d win – I’ve never won anything in my life!”

A new family home wasn’t Shannon’s only reason for supporting the Heart Foundation. With a history of heart disease and rheumatic fever in her family, heart health is a cause she can get behind wholeheartedly.

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank the Heart Foundation so much,” she says. “This is a life-changing experience and there’s hope for anyone to win. I want everyone to get a ticket – it is possible to win and it’s for a good cause even if you don’t!”

“I’m going to continue as an Auto-Buyer because the Heart Foundation is such a great cause to support.”

Lottery No.131 winner

An avid supporter of the Heart Foundation Lottery, our kind-hearted winner was in complete shock to receive the life-changing call that he’d won our first-prize home.

The lucky first-prize winner of Lottery No. 131 couldn’t believe he had won a fully-furnished Jennian Home in Blenheim. In fact, he had to ask twice – just to make sure it was true!

“Even now it still seems like a dream,” he says. “It was an unexpected prize. I am sure like many other people, I see the tickets as a donation and have little expectation of winning.”

He understands just how crucial prevention and education are to keep heart disease at bay in our communities.

“Sometimes simple changes towards healthy eating and exercise can make a big difference,” he says. “And donations to the Heart Foundation are for a very worthy cause. I would encourage people to give what they can.”

Even though he was very excited for his win, the Taumarunui resident decided to put his new home on the market for a lucky buyer to enjoy so he could stay close to his friends and family.

“I am very grateful to the Heart Foundation,” he continues, “for giving me an opportunity to help myself financially and to help others in need.”

Lottery No.130 winner

After her grandson was born with a heart condition, Barbara took a chance on the Heart Foundation Lottery and won the home of her dreams.

Like many Lottery supporters, Barbara has a family member who has been affected by a life-threatening heart condition. So, when she saw a chance to support Heart Foundation, she was more than happy to sign up as an Auto-Buyer.

“My grandson was born with a heart condition,” says Barbara, “and that’s why I wanted to support the Heart Foundation.”

Little did she know, but her decision would change her life.

“I was very surprised to receive a video call saying ‘You have won first prize’,” she says. “‘You have a won a brand new fully furnished home.’”

Barbara and her friend were elated to learn that Barbara had just won a beautiful brand-new home in Papamoa Beach. Her friend even began to jump up and down with excitement.

“I couldn’t believe it,” shares Barbara. “I have been pinching myself lots of times, and I’m still pinching myself to accept this is my new reality!”

And she was more than ready to jump head first into her fresh start.

“Within two weeks of receiving this wonderful news, I was given the keys and shown around my amazing new home. I chose to stay on and retire here. The people here have been so friendly and welcoming.”

Barbara couldn’t be more grateful, for both the work Heart Foundation does to help people like her grandson and for the next chapter of her life. “A very, very special thank you to the Heart Foundation and Jennian Tauranga for creating this lovely new home that is now my reality.”

Lottery No.129 winner

As classic car enthusiasts, Trish and Lloyd know all about the rewards of perseverance. And as long-term Heart Foundation Lottery supporters, their patience recently paid off handsomely.

“We were at home when the phone rang.” Lloyd says, “It was the Heart Foundation and when they asked if we were sitting down, I guessed we’d won something.” But little did the couple know they’d won the first-prize Jennian home in Taupo.

“A new house in Taupo! It’s still sinking in.” Trish says. “We have family near Taupo so we’re going to keep it as a holiday home.”

Trish and Lloyd are looking forward to visiting their new property. “We got the keys last Friday.” Lloyd says, “so we’ll be heading down to have a look around.”

While the week may have gone by in a blur, for Trish and Lloyd it’s been a long time coming. “We’ve been Lottery buyers for years.” Trish laughs. “Many, many, many years in fact.”

“We’ve always supported the Heart Foundation because of the work and research they do.” Lloyd says. I guess you could say they ‘restore’ people’s lives, so if you’re a ticket buyer, keep it up - it’s a great cause.”

Lottery No.128 winner

Emil Tui was at work when his phone rang. In fact, Emil was working out at work.

"We all do team exercises every morning,'' he explains. It could have been a day like any other at Marley NZ, where Emil has worked for 35 years. But this would turn out to be a day he would never forget.

"When they told me we'd won a brand new home in Waipu, my first reaction was, 'You've got to be kidding me!'" Emil laughs. "By now the other guys had all stopped and were staring at me!"

Emil's next call was to his wife, Johanne. "I recall there was a bit of screaming on the other end of the phone," he laughs. "It's funny, because just the day before we’d received the mailer for the Taupo Lottery and Johanne said, 'I wonder who's won the Waipu house?' We never would have guessed it would be us!"

For Emil and Johanne the timing couldn’t have been better. "I'm a couple of years away from retiring," he explains. "But now, we’ve decided to sell our home in Manurewa and go live in Waipu, for a couple of years at least. Our daughter and her husband are building in Maraetai, so eventually we might move closer to the family, but we'll keep the Waipu home as well."

Good luck seems to follow Emil around. "The last thing I won was a Ford Laser, way back in the '80s," he says. "It's amazing how life can change with a phone call in just a few seconds."

A long time Lottery supporter, Emil plans to keep buying tickets. "It really doesn't matter if you win because the money is going to a good cause," he says. "We went up and stayed at our new house at Queen's Birthday weekend and the neighbours all came over and introduced themselves. Some of them are Lottery buyers and we all agreed how important it is to support the Heart Foundation’s work."

Lottery No.127 winner

Peter Port is not the type to get rattled easily. After a distinguished career in the New Zealand Air Force and RAF, the Masterton man with the charming manners and hearty laugh is ready for anything. So when the Heart Foundation called and asked if he was sitting down, Peter naturally took it in his stride. 

"I thought maybe I'd won a trip." Peter recalls. But when he learned that he'd just won the grand prize of a new home in Cromwell, even Peter was blindsided. "I've never won anything in a lottery, let alone a house!" he laughs. "I really did have to sit down for a minute!"

A veteran supporter of the Heart Foundation Lottery, Peter bought his first ticket back in 1997. "It's such an important service and I'm happy to lend my support," he explains. 

Peter and Carol plan to sell their new home. "Cromwell is lovely," Peter says, "but we're settled in Masterton and I'm sure someone will love living there."

Lottery No.126 winner

Life is full of surprises, just ask Harris and Matthew Moana. In January, the brothers received some incredible news - they had won a new Toyota RAV4 in Heart Foundation Lottery No. 126.

"It still doesn't seem real," Harris says. "We went to Mum's and she handed us the phone. The Heart Foundation was on the other end, telling us we'd won a new car! I thought, 'this must be some kind of joke!'"

The brothers didn't realise it at the time, but it was the thoughtful actions of their father that had brought them together for the good news. "Dad had been quietly buying the tickets," Matthew says, "but he was putting our names on them."

They have some encouraging words of advice for Heart Foundation Lottery supporters.

"It's a great cause," Harris says. "And who knows - if it can happen to us, it could happen to you!"

Lottery No.125 winner

A young couple's dream of spending less time working and more time with their children has come true, thanks to their first prize win in Lottery No. 125.

The Blenheim pair, who have two children under 10, are still processing what it means to have won a stunning new Jennian home in Taupo.

"It's literally changed our lives, as cliché as that sounds. It’s made it easier, and it's made a better life for our kids. Our minds are racing at the possibilities."

The husband and wife team work together and were in the office when that life-changing phone call came through in early November 2020.

"I was doing paperwork when her phone rang. She said to me, 'I don’t know who this is', and she had some hesitation about whether to answer.

"And then all of a sudden I see her welling up, with her hand over her mouth in astonishment. Then she said, 'We've won a house!' It's just one of those things you never expect to happen to you."

Both in their early 30s, their long-term goal was to work hard and become mortgage-free by 50 — a reality that's arrived much sooner.

"Prior to this, we were in the day-to-day drudgery of going to work, getting the pay packet, putting it away on the mortgage, and trying to use the remaining dollars to give our kids a memorable upbringing.

"The home has given us options and made life much more comfortable — we don’t have to worry as much now."

The couple were on the same page in wanting to keep the home, and their new tenants have just moved in.

"With that consistent income each week, we want to reduce our work hours and be there more for the kids."

But before renting their home out, the family enjoyed a few blissful weeks in Taupo, falling in love with both the property and location.

"The way the house is built and the external colours are just right up our alley. There are a lot of aspects to the home that we really love."

Although neither of them had spent much time in Taupo previously, they’re now thinking of possibly moving up there one day, when the kids are older.

"It's an amazing spot and there are so many cool things for the kids. There's a lot more there than where we live now, particularly for teenagers. What we like is being so close to the lake, being able to go for swims, and walking along the lake pathway."

The couple have kept the news quiet, telling only their family and some close friends.

"And obviously our work colleagues know — there was no keeping that from them because the bombshell hit at work!"

With a history of heart disease in their family, the pair plan to continue supporting the Heart Foundation, starting with collecting for this year’s Big Heart Appeal.

"We're just so grateful for what they do. We have heart issues on both sides of our family, so if we can help out in any way, why wouldn't we?

"We just want to say a massive, massive 'thank you' to the Heart Foundation."