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Ways to pay for your Lottery tickets

Find out how you can buy your tickets in safe and easy ways.

Payment options

Make sure you're in to win by choosing one of the following ways to pay for your Lottery tickets. To talk to one of our team about your options at any time, please call us on 0800 750 150.

Credit card or debit card

Your peace of mind is important to us. When you pay with a credit or debit card, we take steps to make sure your details are always secure. 

You can use a credit or debit card to:

  • buy one-off tickets in the current Lottery.
  • buy a subscription for a year's worth of Lottery tickets.
  • Auto-Buy tickets in ongoing Lotteries.

To buy your tickets with a credit or debit card:

  • Order online on our secure site: or
  • Place your order over the phone on 0800 750 150.

Bank deposit (direct credit)

You can deposit payment for your Lottery tickets into the Heart Foundation Lottery account, by:

  • visiting your bank and sharing the payment details below.
  • making a payment via telephone banking.
  • making a bill payment via internet banking.

Lottery account details

Your bank should already have the Heart Foundation Lottery account loaded for phone and internet banking. Alternatively, here are the account details:

  • Account name: HF Lottery Trust Account
  • Account number: 02-0500-0548451-000

Please fill out your deposit details as follows:

  • Particulars: Enter your initials and surname
  • Code: Enter your Lottery customer number 
  • Reference: Enter the number of tickets and number of Lotteries you wish to buy in. For example, enter: '2tk-6Lot' if you'd like 2 tickets in the next 6 Lotteries.

You can use a bank deposit to buy:

  • one-off Lottery tickets.
  • a Lottery subscription.

Direct debit

You can authorise the Heart Foundation to transfer payment for your tickets from your bank account into the Lottery account.

You can use a direct debit to:

  • buy one-off tickets.
  • buy a Lottery subscription.
  • Auto-Buy tickets in ongoing Lotteries.

To pay this way, either:

We'll set up and manage the payment for you and your bank account details will always be kept private and secure.

To change or cancel your direct debit just call us on 0800 750 150.

Auto-Buy tickets

Make payment easy by Auto-Buying your tickets in each Heart Foundation Lottery. It is the simplest, most convenient way to get your tickets.

Become an Auto-Buyer so you don't have to worry about getting your tickets.

You can sign up as an Auto-Buyer:

Did you know?

Auto-buyers have more chances to win

Auto-Buyers are more likely to win a prize because they never miss a Lottery, they never miss the Early-Buy draw and they go into the exclusive Auto-Buy draw for an extra prize every Lottery.

You only need to order once

After you send in your Auto-Buy order you'll automatically receive your tickets at the start of each Lottery. So you won't have to remember to place your order to be in to win.

There are no payment surprises

When your tickets are sent at the start of each Lottery, you're always given the next date your payment will come out of your account. So you can change your order beforehand if needed.

You can get your tickets in the mail or by email

Choose to get your tickets in the post or have them sent to your email inbox.

You can buy any number of tickets in the Lottery

No matter how big or small your order, it all contributes to save lives from heart disease.

You can increase or decrease your ticket order for any Lottery

Simply call the friendly Lottery team to change your order before your payment date.

You can skip a Lottery

Just call us if you need to skip a Lottery.

You can cancel being an Auto-Buyer at any time

We understand that sometimes things change. If you need to cancel your order at any time, you only need to phone to let us know.

You always have control of your order

Simply phone us to tell us about any changes you'd like to make.

Need help?

If you have any questions about how to buy your Lottery tickets, please phone us on 0800 750 150. Proceeds from your tickets go towards stopping Kiwi families losing mums and dads to heart disease, and our friendly team would love to help you support the Lottery.

Thank you for helping save Kiwi lives.

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